Beatrice Aremo, volunteer

I am born in Western Uganda, but moved to Kampala quite some time ago. In Kampala I am working within a group of HIV positive women in which we try to educate ourselves into making all different kinds of crafts. This way we try to make money for ourselves, because if you work with your hands, you can’t sleep hungry.

I like being part of the Nnina Olugero foundation because I like to train others into having a self sufficient life style. I think it is a waste to die with knowledge and through this project I have seen a different to those involved. For the future I hope the project will be bigger so that we can train more people with a variety of handwork skills so that people hopefully one day won’t be begging on the streets for money, but can take care of themselves and their children.


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Kyebando, Gayaza road opposite Elisa road
P.O Box 34839
Kampala, Uganda

nnina olugero

Name: Nnina Olugero Foundation