Manisoor Kalyesubula

  • January 30, 2019
  • By Anouk Peters
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I started at Nnina Olugero as an intern in June 2017 after that I became an assistant in January 2018. I’m working mostly in the VSLA savings project and Get Up, Stand Up project. I want to help vulnerable people in the community because I myself never grew up with my parents but lived at my grandmother who took care of many many people. She inspired me so much that I also wanted to dedicate my life to help people.

I like to be social and the people at Nnina Olugero are very friendly, it is nice to work together on the same goal of helping people and empowering them. I want to make sure that the organisation will widen its reach to different parts of the country because many people need our projects and free services that we offer.


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