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  • June 26, 2016
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Nnina Olugero I have a story – Hello my name is Perla van den Berk, I’m 24 years old, Dutch  and I would like to share my story of being a volunteer at the Nnina Olugero Foundation. The first time I went to Africa was to volunteer in Ghana in May 2015 and I lost my hart to the African life. When I came back after 1 month I already started thinking of when I could go back to Africa. A year later I met Anouk, the founder of Nnina Olugero. We had a nice meeting and her enthusiasms and passion made it easy for me to make my choice. March 19th 2016 I flew to Uganda to start my work as Nnina Olugero’s  volunteer.

Why doing work as a volunteer? To me there is no better way to get to know the African culture and to be able to see for yourself what the reality is people face.

During my time in Uganda I supported the Business and agriculture project. It offers families the opportunity to become self-reliant by giving a start up kit of 5 chicken, vaccinations, chicken food for 1 month and 2 bags of vegetable seeds. But most importantly they get an intense training for 3 months. We’ve done a lot of home visits and organised trainings to guide people to enhance their little company. By really listening and asking questions you can find out what people really need and what you can do to help. Besides that the work was a lot of fun and gave me a lot of gratitude, I have learned a lot. The ‘out of the box thinking’, how to handle cultural differences and the collaboration of the Dutch and Ugandan culture has been so interesting. I have been very lucky to be working with a team of passionate people. It has helped me in my carrier in the Netherlands and generally how I feel.

I would therefore recommend the Nnina Olugero foundation to other volunteers who are open to a new experience and are not afraid of changes. Get out of your comfort zone and experience what you can do for people and what they can do for you. Besides that, Uganda is an amazing and beautiful country to travel through.


The only thing that can save mankind is by working together- Bertrand Russell


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