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  • January 31, 2018
  • By Anouk Peters
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Handmade fabric coasters

Using recycled African fabric and bottle caps, Ritah Kiwuka and her trainees handmade these beautiful coasters in small and larger size. Perfect for under a cup, cafetiere, teapot or small cookingpan.


The book: 'Nnina Olugero, I have a story'

While working in Uganda, Nnina Olugero's founder, Anouk Peters, got inspired by all the different life stories of those she was working with. Anouk captured 25 stories and bundled them in a book: ‘Nnina Olugero, I Have a Story’. Returning to the Netherlands, Anouk played with the idea of continuing to support those resilient people, who inspired her so much, in their efforts to bring change in their hardships. Just a couple of months later, the Nnina Olugero Foundation was born.

'Nnina Olugero, I Have a Story', tells you the story of an ex-prostitute who struggled and, amazingly, succeeded in changing her life. It tells you the story of a lesbian transgender who dared to challenge the violence against gay people in Uganda. It tells you the story of a psychiatrist who is working hard to help his clients: even though psychiatric disorders are still taboo in Uganda. 'Nnina Olugero, I Have a Story', tells you the stories of those who have been and still are resilient, and who try to bring about the badly needed change in the lives full of hardships of the poorest in Kampala.

Click here to find as an example the story of Sylvin Nakaio. Sylvin became a sex worker when she was 18 years old.


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