Dorcus Asiimwe, Executive Director

  • March 17, 2013
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I am born in the western part of Uganda and I love serving people who are in need and especially the less privileged to have a life desirable by humans. I studied Social Work and Development Studies and I for some years I worked at KYDA, an organization that cares and support people with HIV/AIDS. In 2011 I meet Anouk where we worked together at KYDA she is a young lady with a high sense of humanity and very determined in her ambitions. After working at Nnina Olugero on part time basis I am currently full time employed and I am happy having met her and can be part of the team.

In Nnina Olugero I am responsible for the overall well being of the foundation and besides that I specially have an focus on the 'Education and Awareness' program. I am very happy to be part of this foundation and have very high hopes of the foundation to grow and succeed and I will work for it to my best.


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