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  • January 15, 2013
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Get Up, Stand Up is referring to Bob Marley’s: ‘Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights’. This project is all about giving people tools to stand up for themselves and for them to be aware of the harm that some people intent to do.  The subject harassment is still very actual and every day young people and vulnerable women are forced to do things that are harmful to their body and mental well being.

It’s time to say no.


To  strengthen vulnerable women, men and children with mental and psychical skills to increase self-confidence and the feeling of safety and choice.
We aim to prevent:

  • (sexual) Harassment, rape and abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Forced commercial sex/ pornography
  • Cross generation sex
  • Gender based violence
  • Child neglect

And  provide services for those who experienced the here before mentioned types of harassment with counselling and health care services if needed.


This project is meant for all kind of people in Uganda, but we have a special focus on vulnerable young people/school youth, (street) children, women, commercial sex workers, teenage mothers,  traumatized people and people in remote and or urban areas.


In the last couple of years the Ugandan ministry has introduced some new laws that should better protect communities; this means that rape, harassment and discrimination against HIV/AIDS patients are now illegal. Also, women now have the same rights as men according to the law.

In reality the people haven’t seen a lot of changes since these laws were put in place. Despite of the ‘Marriage and Divorce Law’ of 2009, women still don't have the right to their possessions after a divorce nor are the police authorities likely to see the woman’s point of view when they report domestic violence.

This situation makes it impossible for women to have an equal position to men in society. Women also have few role models from whom they can learn how to stand up for themselves. Also, there is no law that criminalizes child abuse, which leaves this vulnerable group unprotected.

The ‘Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 2012’ researched and written by the American government shows that the law does not provide protection:

-       In 2011, in the whole of Uganda there were scarcely 520 rape cases reported, of which 269 cases where worked on

-       That same year 181 domestic violence cases where reported

-       70% of the women told that they experienced beating from their husbands or partners, 17% of which had been raped and 10% had been denied political laws

Get up stand up is coming out to help people with these ideas because many Ugandans are sexually abused some are even killed and many don’t know their rights. It’s not that they don’t want to know but only that they need someone to let them know what other people are after.


Our programs are teaching people both mentally as psychically.

Mentally by teaching communication skills, drama/theater exercises and roll play. Showing people how they are being treated and talk about different ways to stand up for yourself and recognize bad disrespectful behaviors. Also we believe that being a roll model is the way to give people ideas in normal day to day situations.

Physically by self-defense techniques training where people can learn how to be smart when you are not physically strong. What to do when someone grabs you from behind for instance.

Introduce or enhance Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)  and sexual gender based violence (SGBV)  prevention and response intervention in school camps by supporting affected children access to continuum of necessary services, such as community services psycho-social support, behavioral change interventions , legal and medical assistance.

We believe through having partnerships with other organisations we can achieve more. So we are building a network of health care centres, local and religious community leaders, schools and human rights organisations to target as many people as needed.

Also we use the Train-the-Trainer (TOT) method which means we target reliable parents, teachers, nurses/doctors, police women/men, local and religious leaders to teach them how to train their staff members and/or people in their community.




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