Jetske Aalders, Secretary

  • June 26, 2016
  • By Anouk Peters
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Hello, I am Jetske Aalders and I am the secretary for Nnina Olugero.

From a young age I had the dream of going to the continent Africa. In November 2015 I decided to really put the deed to the word. Through my a family friend I came into contact with Anouk Peters, founder or Nnina Olugero. I had a nice conversation in which she told me about her organization with passion and enthusiasm. I was impressed and excited about her story, right from that moment on I knew that this was what I wanted. June 28, 2016 I boarded the plane to Uganda to do 1 month of volunteer work at Nnina Olugero.

I joined a team where everyone works with so much passion on what we find important. During my work there I noticed that there are so many vulnerable people with a touching story, so many requests for help, but too few resources and finances to help them all. I found it interesting, but also very touching.

Uganda in general and Nnina Olugero in particular have broadened my view of the world, I have seen how people can make something special out of nothing and I have experienced how beautiful the open and warm Ugandan culture is.

The country and the foundation have touched me and immediately after returning to the Netherlands I knew, I want to stay involved with this beautiful foundation anyway.


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